How do I search the catalogue?

If you have a specific enquiry use the 'Search' button in the tool bar, which will reveal individual fields to narrow the search, rather than the 'Search the Catalogue' box, which is more generic.

If you wish to check whether the Cathedral owns a specific book or manuscript you can search by Author and/or Title. Enter the details into the Author and/or Title search field or the Any Text field. Using the Any Text field broadens out the search.
For example: if you enter Milton into the Any Text field, the results will include books by Milton as well as books and articles about him.

To search for a phrase, use double quotation marks to link the words together for example “Paradise lost”.

To broaden out a search and get more results use an asterisk * to conduct a “wildcard search”: for example searching for antiq* will find titles containing antique, antiques, antiquarian and antiquities.

To refine a search use the “Refine search criteria” option. This allows you to include or exclude certain search terms.

To search by date, enter the exact year (for example, 1681) or a date range (1681-1689). Searching for the start year followed by a dash (1681-) will retrieve items from the start date to the end of the decade (ie 1681-1689)

Search results

A search will produce a list of relevant items. Select ‘View Record’ next to the required record for further bibliographic details. Make a note of the location of the item/s you wish to consult ie Wren Library, Reading Room and the various rooms in Exchequergate (EG).

If the items are in the Wren Library or Reading Room email: to make an appointment to see them.

If they are in Exchequergate email: to make an appointment.

To access the non-library collection, contact the Curator:

Access to the Exchequergate collections is normally restricted to Mondays and Tuesdays.